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Generation 3 Hemi:
"440" HEMI
"426" HEMI
"392" HEMI

Custom Engine Oil Pan Kit For

Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler Gen 3 Hemi Installs That
Are Using The Stock Mopar K Frame Assembly
Oil Pan Kits, Oil Pans, Oil Pan, Pickup Tubes, Dipstick Tubes,
Dipstick Indicators....etc!

These custom made Generation 3 Hemi oil pans and oil pickup tubes can be custom made to any specs you want. With either Front Sump Custom Oil Pan, Rear Sump Custom Oil Pan, Mid Sump Custom Oil Pan, or Full Sump Oil Pan running the length of the engine. Below you can order some of the most common custom oil pans we offer. These pans will work when you are installing a new G3 5.7, 6.1, 6.4, 7.0, and 7.2 Hemi into any old Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, or Mopar car or truck in general, that is being installed while using the factory K-Frame assembly. These pan kits come with the correct custom made oil pickup tube. Very high quality custom made aluminum oil pans. Some designed to use factory dipstick, some need a custom or aftermarket oil dipstick and tube. See all of our high resolution pictures of these type of pans shown here, to view high quality construction of each.

High Resolution Pictures To Show The High
Quality Construction Of These Oil Pans:

5.7L, 6.1L SRT-8, 6.4L "392", 7.0L "426", 7.2L "440"
Hemi BPE Custom Center Sump Oil Pan Kit
Fabricated Aluminum Oil Pan For Factory K-Frame Applications
Includes: Center Sump Custom Oil Pan, and Custom Made Pickup Tube

66-72 B-Bodies:
1966 B-Body, 1967 B-Body, 1968 B-Body, 1969 B-Body, 1970 B-Body, 1972 B-Body
70-74 E-Bodies:
1970 E-Body, 1971 E-Body, 1972 E-Body, 1973 E-Body, 1974 E-Body

Custom Made Gen 3 Hemi Oil Pan Kit For
66-72 B Bodies & 70-74 E Bodys with Stock K-Frame

Price: $450.00

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